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01 September 2003 @ 03:01 pm
Looking for French and Gaelic help/lessons/conversation  
Crossposted to learn_languages:

After a recent trip to Europe and a wonderfully civilized few days in Brussels, I am determined to improve my French skills and am looking for help/lessons/conversation. Suggestions on a good French learning book would also be helpful. As I read French far better than I either speak or write it, initially I was hoping to capitalize on my reading strengths (okay, 'strength' is a relative term *grin* But a gal has got to start somewhere...) by finding a fluent speaker who would pen pal with me. That is, someone to write to me in French and I would send back a translation for review (and hopefully not too much giggling *smile*) and a response. I've been going over and translating an article from Le Monde once a week or so, but it's hard going with no one to 'check my work'. Unfortunately the online translators aren't all that accurate when it comes to idiomatic usages and such.

I'm also looking to learn Gaelic (both Irish and Scots), but will be starting from the beginning there.

Thanks so much!

-the redhead-