-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
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Sometimes I hate being one of the most sane, reasonable people I know. Hate it, hate it, hate it!!

I dislike bullshit, I dislike being trampled on and taken for granted. I do not appreciate it when my contributions are dismissed out of hand. Yes, I can be nice and quiet and helpful, but that is not a free pass to step on my head on the way to where other people want to be. There is a limit to the amount of abuse I will take, especially when involved in a situation where I am not being compensated but am instead paying for the privilege. Yes, I will put my desires and needs aside for the greater good, but I am NOT a doormat *snort*

Taking one for the team does not involve being belittled and ignored.

Ahhhh, but I guess out of site out of mind works well for some people.

I must reassess my involvement in this consulting gig now, which is very unfortunate. It had potential and I was looking forward to working with competent people on something new and exciting. As well as good career opportunities. *sigh*

Yes, sometimes I want to be the person who yells and throws things. Yes, sometimes I want to be the person who is looked out for and defended.


-the redhead and the single malt-
Tags: musings
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