-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

I HATE car stuff!!!

I HATE car things!! Hate it hate it hate it!! Dealing with the car people is guaranteed to spin me up in an instant – it's just like someone reaching into my head and squeezing. This sort of crap makes me cry.

I'm one of those people who mechanics *love* to take advantage of. It's like I have a big neon sign on forehead that says 'Please rip me off' that only mechanics can see. It's not that I don't understand the how and why of car things, it's not that I'm completely helpless when it comes to car thing (I get my oil changed regularly, I can and have changed a tire by the side of the road at 11 at night by myself), but I *cannot* deal with the mechanic people. I would rather break my leg than deal with car stuff – I'm brilliant and incisive when it comes to dealing with the medical profession or just about anything life can toss at me. I made the decision to get divorced and leave last year, managed and accomplished it in 60 days, all without breaking down or becoming hysterical at any time. Without therapy, without drugs. I am my mother's protector when it comes to medical things (and her doctors would rather not deal with me because I make them work at it and don't let them just do whatever they feel like), I can strongarm a $100,000 PO out of a client from start to finish in a *single* business day when the process usually takes weeks, I take care of myself and my life on my own, I turned down a scholarship to Harvard Law to go to Yale!!! I just cannot deal with mechanics. They are my Achilles' heel.

So, the car brakes started making a noise late last week. Made me upset, but I basically ignored it for the weekend because I had *much* more important things going on. Tough for me, as I hate car noises because they invariably lead to huge stress and getting ripped off. So I get all worked up about it last night, near tears, blinding headache, the whole routine. My sweety calms me down on the phone, says it will be fine, they won't mess with me, offers to speak to them for me, and I was so grateful it was pathetic. So I call up Midas, tell them I have a Subaru wagon and it's age, and ask how much brake pads would be? I was a good little girl and had my warranty papers in front of me and everything. Simple question, yes? They tell me it will be $40 for the labor. Fine. I take the car this morning, show them my papers, repeat what they told me last night (the guy even remembers me calling), and tell them that I want brake pads. Give them the phone numbers to call, and go off to work.

I get a call not even an hour later – all this stuff needs to be done, the bill will be 10 times what they told me, and the price of *just* the brake pad labor has suddenly doubled!!! WTF??


My stomach hurts now...


-the redhead-
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