-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Things to be addressed

Over the next 6 mos. or so:

- SOA stuff
- timelines
- try to get more clients or class opportunities
- more articles to be published - ideas?
- presentation ideas for Vegas conf.
- need to make myself more valuable with more contributions
- have to try to be on equal footing with rest of team
- need to *meet* these people sometime - out of sight = out of mind for some of them

- home stuff
- more roommates in Jan?
- will I be comfortable with 2 or 3 more people in the house all the time?
- sharing bathroom!
- could I afford a place of my own for awhile? Deposits, moving, etc.
- this is a nice place now

- Mom layed off
- need to make more $$ so I can help support her
- maybe get another paying job? waitress? Still don't want to be a topless dancer
- no Christmas visit - when will I be able to go see family?

- work
- shortfall of $3 mil for quarter from Sales, even if Ruth and I did make our numbers
- no bonuses after all
- I am the low man on the totem pole
- spineless boss
- not a good environment
- they will not appreciate me working all the days around the holidays
- how can I make myself more valuable?
- maybe find new job now?

- me stuff
- $$ is tight - need to make January work!
- need to get out of house more
- have to be more interesting, more outgoing, more attractive
- less work, more play
- need to make more $$ = work *more*
- holidays suck
- what do I want? Job, relationships, future?
- need to get back to walking/exercising

-the redhead-
Tags: musings
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