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31 October 2003 @ 06:07 pm
Still have a job  
Still have a job, which is very very good. But life is going to be even tougher there.

We are 14% behind our numbers, which amounts to about $6 mil. Had the come to Jesus meeting this afternoon, it wasn't fun. Nadim (CEO) pointed out all of the things that aren't working right now and how we need to fix them. He did take a moment to point out that the program Ruth and I run is making $$ (we've brought in almost 28% of the revenue which has come in the door this fiscal year). While I certainly appreciate the kudos, perhaps that meeting was not the appropriate time to do it.

So I have been working on making myself more valuable at work. Trying to get the international project up and running. I've found that I have supporters on the project, so this may be a good thing. It will be running a fairly large and complex project which is cross functional and all of those other good things. I hope it works.

-the redhead-
Christopher Scottkorwyn on November 3rd, 2003 08:36 am (UTC)
Au Contraire...

During a Come to Jesus meeting you have to acknowledge the poeple who are doing what you want. The reason is to:
1) Show you are not picking on people for the sake of picking
2) Understand that things can go right also
3) Focus the herd anger away from yourself (ok, that is scary).