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08 November 2003 @ 12:00 pm
I'm amazed  
So, my roommate called and *dissed* me to my best friend because things had changed since they/we had offered to do them a favor (at *my* request in the first place, and I had been trying to get his bloody resume for a couple of months to pass onto this person but was continually rebuffed with 'Don't send that one, I'm working on my new one'. Obviously *I* wasn't good enough to have a copy of his resume to pass on as I had offered to do countless times).

Yeah, it's all about the roommate. Doesn't matter that others might have had things come up and have other, more important things going on.

Way to go treating your roommate, the one without who's rent you would have had to sell that new house since you've been unemployed since June. The one who sends you appropriate job leads when she stumbles over them. The one who had been trying to do this favor for you for months, by asking once a week for copy of your resume until I finally just gave up. Yeah, just a great idea to call this other person and tattle on me.

All in the name of what you want done on your schedule. Because it's all about *you*, isn't it? You couldn't take the hint and wait a few days could you? You obviously knew what was going on so much better than I did, hmmm? Couldn't take the polite hints and just wait until things settled down a bit in a week or two. Yet it's just fine that it took you almost a month to fix my toilet the first time, and a mere 3 weeks the second time. It's okay, I didn't mind having to take the tank lid off and pull the chain every time - not a bother at all.

Obviously any behavior is acceptable in your book as long as it benefits you, isn't it? Kinda gives a more personal light to the term 'mercenary'?

There are just lines you don't cross and things you just don't do - this would be one of them.

Why, pray tell, would one of my friends want to do anything other than toss your resume in the trash after such behavior?

I need to get into the civil-and-no-more mindset, because I do still have to live there. Yeah, I need to find another place to live soon. Have to figure out how to afford it. Because this is just going to make home life as miserable as work life. Dealing with all of this for the next 6 months will just suck *sigh*. I suppose I could just hide in my room... Why don't I know anyone here that's going south for the winter and needs a housesitter for a few months?? *sigh*


-the redhead-
...doesn't want to go home now. Gee, it's just like not wanting to go home when I was still living with T**...
Wolfteddywolf on November 9th, 2003 11:47 am (UTC)
The word of the day (for the roomie) is Feh. With a capital Feh.