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09 November 2003 @ 10:05 am
Things I must do  
- Cope
- Happy face
- Figure out a new living situation, as it is clear that roommate is neither going to be reasonable nor apologize for behaving badly. Nor realize that other people have things going on that are more important than what he wants.
- Deal with things at work. Boss pays lip service to the value of what Ruth and I do, but still treats me like an admin. Perhaps I should say something to someone else about her behavior? Or maybe I should just bitch more like the other gals so that everyone is aware every second of how hard I work? Not an appealing thought, but I did work almost 60 hours last week. Not that it seems to matter.
- Make myself more valuable.
- Work on resume.
- Figure out how to reduce my expenses further. Check to see if bars are on sale this week.
- Send Mom $$
- Work on SOA stuff. Help V.
- Remember that it's just me.

I just need to be tougher all around.

-the redhead-