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10 November 2003 @ 09:01 pm
Today was Monday, with a vengeance.

Starting with the cleaning people at work taking/throwing out my yogurt, so no breakfast (or lunch). Not that yogurt makes a wonderful breakfast, but with no dinner last night I was *hungry*. Poked at logistics some, and the answer wasn't any better. Why is it that time and funds cannot be made to coincide? Treating myself to lunch didn't work any better - how in the world does Wendy's run out of baked potatoes?? Kathryn was sweet enough to call me on her cell from the drivethru, but I still got stuck paying for food I didn't want and didn't eat but a few bites of. So much for trying to treat myself for the week. Boss was less than optimal (*snort*) again today, only compounded by being upset about something or another all day. At least she didn't tell me again today that Ruth and I don't work as hard as M***** and T****Of course, dealing with annoying customers was threaded throughout the morning, as it is every morning. Then I thought the day had turned around. I got excited that I had won a spa day from Origins folks at the mall - they had drawn my business card. Massage, facial, makeover, products. It was pretty nifty until I realized it's for the only weekend I'm going to be gone in the next three months or so *sigh*. Of course it can't be rescheduled, since this is not something they arrange to put on often. Couple of times a year at most. After that it was just more of the same, tho I did do one nice thing that made me smile.

It was the kind of Monday that drives people back to bed.

Came home looking forward to relaxing and doing some window shopping. Maybe read a little. Was chatting with my sweety when the doorbell rang. Went downstairs to find the Waiters on Wheels boy standing in the foyer with a delivery. For me. From one of my favorite places in town *grin* C**** had ordered me dinner!

I was all smooshy and goofy there for a few minutes *grin* That one thing erased the wretchedness of the day in a heartbeat.

*big romantic idiot moment*

So I got to sit up here and eat a nice, hot meal *smile* He'd even remembered that I like sourdough instead of rye.

Chatted a bit more with interesting people. It nice to be able to do that during the day *smile* Took a hot bath with the last of the wonderful bath oil V** had sent me. Yummy stuff, need to ask for more, and perhaps another one of those nice bottles too. Watched CSI Miami with that pretty blonde girl who used to be on West Wing.

I am happy, full, warm, and loved *smile*


Time to curl up and go to sleep.

-the redhead-
... who still has a taste for expensive European lingerie *sigh*...
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