-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

A promise to myself


It seems I still have expensive taste in clothes *sigh* Some things learned in youth never fade, I suppose.

Spending $600 on lingerie for myself is *completely* excessive ($130 just for a bra!).

Buuuut... I hereby promise myself if the consulting gig works out I will buy myself pretty black silk Siren underthings from SilkPeach. Bra, G-string, knickers, suspenders, the whole deal. Maybe even one of those elegant Entice chemises. The glamorous Lauren Bacall number in ivory? Things to please myself...

The last time I wrote this sort of thing down it worked... I wonder if this will work as well as the Yale / Schacht thing did?

-the redhead-
...who obviously needs to start dating rich Europeans...
Tags: musings
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