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Memories of an old friend

TedTed is a Steiff bear. Not a valuable 'kept in pristine condition in a glass case' Steiff bear, but the priceless 'companion for a lifetime, loved beyond measure' variety of Steiff bear.

TedTed has been the only dependable constant throughout my entire life.

He has *always* been there - to dance with me at my joys and accomplishments, to listen when no one else would, and to comfort me when needed. TedTed has been dragged about the country with me on my travels and through my travails over the years. He has visited some and subsequently attended one of the top universities in the country with me, but has also been my pillow on a dusty, cold, hard barn floors in strange cities as well.

He must have soaked up a gallon of tears over the years - the tears of teenage angst, tears of joy, tears of bitter disappointment, tears of maudlin sentimentality, tears of frustration, tears of pain, and tears of unhappiness.

He has had various companions throughout my life my, but he has always remained the important one. The special one. The one who shares my secrets. The only one who knows all of them.

He has lived patiently placed on a shelf or packed into a box during those periods where I thought I was too 'grown-up' for my childhood friend. But never for long.

TedTed is in well-loved condition. His once rich and plush brown mohair fur is worn to a mere nub is some places, his left ear is partially torn off, he has had neither eyes or a mouth for ages, and his left leg no longer moves. His little black, floss nose has been reapplied countless times.

This morning I awoke to discover that his leg had fallen off. So it is once again time to carefully repair my best friend. TedTed has never asked for much, but I could never let him stay in this condition. I know that my love will hold him together forever.

It's probably beyond silly for a supposedly intelligent adult to still have and cherish so her childhood toy - some would certainly laugh. But yanno, I don't really care. I love him now even more than I did as a youngster.

It's you and me, buddy, 'till the end.

-the redhead-
Tags: musings
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