-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Never say it can't get any worse...

So first it starts with me spending all but 3 hours overnight packing. Morning comes, I got up early to pack some more and try to take as much as I can down to the garage. I managed to get about 80% of my belongings down there, but I could not take things such as my mattress and dressers down by myself. I also had to wait for help for some boxes of books and my desk from in the basement as well. The roommate is an ass – no surprise there. Just to add to the fun we are having the first winter storm of the season, so it is windy and snowy and icy and really cold. I managed to slip and should have lovely bruises on my hip and ribs by tomorrow. The people who were supposed to move the roommates stuff out of my storage locker bailed due to the weather, so we had to make an extra trip there and back in the bad conditions to move his amoire and washer & dryer back to the house so I can have my storage locker back. Loading the truck was less than pleasant, to say the least. Then the place I'm moving to calls to say that their movers were not coming today due to the weather – of course this happens after we have loaded all of my belongings onto the truck *sigh* We ended up placing everything from the truck into the garage of the new place and I will have to pay their movers tomorrow to take it all downstairs. Roommate is letting me sleep here on the couch tonight, I think in order to make up for being such an ass earlier. Not to mention the whole tossing me out thing. My laptop is kernel dumping and I just hope it lasts until I can back it up Monday at work. I'm cold, hungry, desperately tired, and I hurt all over. And I might have broken my finger – will have it xrayed at work on Monday.

That I made it through the day while remaining polite and rational is... good. I guess I'm at least competent...

-the redhead-
...maybe I'll sleep tomorrow...
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