-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

And the saga continues

Of course they sent the drive without the little black adapter thingie that goes between the drive and the laptop (which is the whole reason to order from IBM in the *first* place - tech support said that the adapter could not be ordered seperately, that a drive *had* to be ordered, and here's the replacement part you need, go to the website and order it). Of course it turns out the stupid laptop was manufacured outside of the US. Of course they cannot locate what that part number is. Of course this whole thing is jacked up beyond belief.

It would just be great if I end up with a dead laptop and no computer at all - fits right in with everything else that's blown up lately.

Why can't just *one* thing work out right? Without a hassle? Just one break in life would be nice.

-the redhead-

type 2645-5FU
Serial # 551W3W3006

IBM tech support case # 12SD7D7

IBM Remote Desktop support 1-800-932-0465 Mark Bass x7427

BIOS version, date ITET48WW, 11/30/99
System-unit serial number 26455FU551W3W3
System board serial number J1D930052DA
Microprocessor Pentium III Processor
Intel SpeedStep Technology 650 MHz
UUID 1c221001-43bf-11cb-951b-fa46e651d55a
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