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Things of note

Lessons learned or reinforced in 2003

- some people only communicate in their favored form
- I cannot put in my own naval jewelry
- The squeaky wheel and the drama queens get the grease and attention
- Self interest is a powerful motivator
- Horses are still the best thing
- I still have an appalling tendency to do the right thing, even tho it may hurt me
- I really can take care of myself, by myself
- My worth is not defined by my paycheck
- my stress, fear, and anger come out in my sleep
- most people don’t really want to know what you think and feel
- TedTed is always there
- Lasik is a good thing
- I can reach from one side of the continent to the other with a single thought – it’s still there
- I can still turn a phrase if I try
- I can still full body blush
- Pilates rocks
- generally people neither mean what they say nor say what they mean. Saying something in the moment is fine, but brass tacks is an entirely different matter. Just realize they are being 'nice' or 'polite' and move on - it's safer.
- people will tell you an easy lie rather than a hard truth.
- don't assume.
- blunt communication is best. Misinterpretation is your own damned fault (see beginning of list).
- be polite and gracious, but don't expect that many folks will return the favor.
- same with 'favors'. Only do them because it makes *you* feel good.
- 'Hope springs eternal' is one of the stupidist things ever said, because it's pretty pointless. Doesn't really get you anywhere - only hard work and pragmatism (and occasionally some ass-kissing) do.
- they don't really care.
- if they don't have time for you then don't bother.
- Shrub has no clue about political capital
- New nail colors are a good thing
- Skin hunger
- The meaning of a word changes based simply on who speaks it. The nuance in intent of a single word can change the universe.
- asking for clarification is a good thing. Possibilities and probabilities are just that until you open the lid - only then do you know the state of the cat.
- I need to start paying people to touch me
- The man who lives beside the water hole does not dream of thirst.
- Original Twilight Zone episodes are better than most of the pabulum currently being fed to the masses on the idiot box
- Love exists
- My demons can tell time
- Fresh strawberries, dark chocolate, and single malt - it works
- Cirque du Soliel live is indescribably spectacular
- Working with the wood is goodness
- Chemistry exists, and can be wonderful
- Fresh BLTS are still one of the best parts of summer
- sometimes people's lives just aren't what they think they are or want them to be.
- People need to get their lives in order before they invite others in, and there needs to be actual *room* there for others, not just the wish for room.
- I just need to be more cognizant of what other people really can provide, and set my expectations accordingly.
- I could be a lot less lonely if I just lowered my standards a little.
- By my hand or in my hand.
- Sleep is good
- Old dogs can learn new tricks

-the redhead-
Tags: musings
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