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14 January 2004 @ 10:16 am
How annoying  
It appears that I have developed an allergy to bananas. I could do without such unpleasant discoveries - it made for a long and mostly useless day. Having my face go numb was a bit disconcerting. Benedryl works like a charm, but it kicks my ass every time.

Who the heck is allergic to bananas anyway??

-the redhead-
dirtstar on January 14th, 2004 11:13 pm (UTC)
I am.

Those, and avacados...both of which I find delicious.
-the redhead-theredhead on January 22nd, 2004 08:01 pm (UTC)
You are really allergic to bananas??

I strongly suspect that was the problem over the last couple of weeks, as I felt bad a couple of other times and the only commonality was eating a banana. But I will conduct another test on my own and probably have some allergy testing done.

I *like* bananas.

-the redhead-
...who would really miss smoothies in the summer...
dirtstar on January 24th, 2004 09:38 am (UTC)
It's actually a "food sensitivity," which means that while I don't break out in hives when I eat them, they give me a bad stomach ache.

I have managed to work around the smoothie thing - I love smoothies so when I am out and getting one i just ask them to hold the banana and I find them just about as delish.