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23 February 2004 @ 06:59 am
-the redhead-: but I was still polite about it *rolls eyes*
cool girl: why. raise a stink its more fun
cool girl: and youd feel better
-the redhead-: eh - why waste the effort when I wasn't worth any?
cool girl: to make him realize how worthwhile you really are. i dont know. im just used to raising a stink with guys, but ive never been told i wasnt worth the effort. i have been told i was entirely too much trouble. which i am.
cool girl: why did he think you werent worth the time, thats pretty ridiculous
-the redhead-: there is no way to 'make' anyone realize how 'worthwhile' I am - it's subjective and in the eye of the beholder
cool girl: its silly any way. everyone is worth something to someone
-the redhead-: no, not always

-the redhead-
...retreats to the cave...
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-the redhead-theredhead on February 23rd, 2004 03:14 pm (UTC)
Re: You can't 'make' anyone realize anything
Did you come looking? I'm kind of hard to miss. Did you leave a message with the desk? Leaving one for Chris would have worked as well.

I *did* email you expressing my interest in meeting you, I *did* 'officially' clear time with my sweety for meeting you, I *did* stick my head into the filk room several times to no avail, I *did* ask Chris (and other people) to keep an eye out for you, I *did* rush over and practically monopolize your sweety for a few minutes, asked if you were about, and said more than once that I was hoping to meet you. I thought it very gracious of her when she offered to let you know *smile*

As for communication, I did email you. Since your were the person with obligations and a set schedule which had to accomodate many other, more important, people and things, I thought it polite to leave the time and such up to you. Knowing full well that you would probably not know when you had time until shortly before you did. Other than 1 event tht we planned to attend, my schedule was fluid. It's standard for the person with the overwheling number of scheduling restraints pick the time.

My efforts were further hampered by the fact that I knew only 1 person there, I didn't know your last name to be able to leave a message at the desk, and didn't know what you look like to be able to recognize you on sight. I did, over the course of the event, ask several people of your general description (of which there were many) if they were you. They weren't, tho they all seemed to be amused, thankfully.

-the redhead-