-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Another day, another lie

Oh lookee, more of the same. Another messasge from the dingdongs at IBM blowing sunshine up my ass about their 'world-class' tech support and customer service.

Of course, they still haven't *fixed* any of the issues or actually gotten my 8 week old returns taken care of. Not to mention I have non-functional IBM product since last December. But I guess if they call me every day and tell me how great they are and that they really care about me as a customer it absolves them from actually having to *do* anything.

It's really pathetic that I have offered to drive the mile and a half down the road to return the bloody part to the IBM main campus a dozen times or more. But that's not how the procedure goes. That would be tooooo easy. So instead I just get the run around and waste yet more hours.


-the redhead-
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