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15 March 2004 @ 07:59 pm
You know you are a fiber whore when...  
...your stash is bigger than the fiber stock at many shops.

...someone opens your freezer and finds not food but fiber, placed there for the last month on the mere suspicion of the M word.

...you own a dozen bobbins for your wheel.

...you have to give your wallet to a fiber buddy at events.

...you can recite when and where you got each fiber (Buck was the reserve champion colored fleece at Estes in...).

...when you are out on a hike you eye the milkweed and think 'I could spin that'.

...you understand the true value of Gladware.

...you buy Dawn and Eucalan in the *big* bottles.

...you have a start on a flock of sheep in your closet - or better yet grazing out front.

...a silk top isn't something to wear.

...you glance at a trashbag and think 'I've got to do something with that alpaca fleece'.

...You can provide examples for many of the letters of the fiber alphabet (Q is for qiviut which is the incredibly soft, just feel this, which is the undercoat...)

...SABLE is reality.

-the redhead-

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