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It's always interesting to hear what people think. Earlier today in one of those interview things I had the following exchange:

Do you remember what you thought about me when you first 'met' me? What was your first impression, I suppose is the question. What surprised you about me after we got to know each other a little better?

Answer: Words I would use to describe you when I FIRST met you, would be, aloof, alone, secretive, deep, very pretty, and sitting on your own pedestal. Today I would describe you the same way, but now I 'feel' why you are what you are, and I would also add self preservation, special, joyful, delightful, and I would cross the ocean to get to know you, I like you.

I often wonder what people think...

Pedestal. What a nice name for the moat ;)

-the redhead-
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