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Live Journal as an information tool.

Different people use Live Journal is different ways. Some for the sense of community, some as a communication tool, and some use it as a true journal.

I use it in the latter way – as a place to put down my thoughts and feelings, a place to put things which I find inspiring or which I find of note that I may wish to revisit later, and as a place to save things I do not want to lose. I have discussions with myself here (being able to reply to yourself or follow up at a later date is an advantage I see over paper journals). Sometimes I even use it to track things, such as weight, exercise times, etc. Only very occasionally do I use it with the express purpose of sharing information with someone. I also enjoy that my journal is a quiz-free zone *smile*

Yesterday I used it purely as an informational tool, and discovered that was a pretty powerful thing. I think that several people appreciated being able to keep up on althaea’s surgical progress. It was handy to have a tool with which I could efficiently convey the information I was able to gather to those concerned about her. I was certainly happy to do so, and I hope it gave them some measure of comfort. I wonder how many people stopped by for the updates?

I question, however, the side effects of such usage. It was very helpful in this instance, but I’ve witnessed more than a few situations where someone said ‘I wrote XYZ in my journal, why didn’t you read it?’ or people directing others to read their journal rather than spend time catching up ‘in person’. Convenience is nice, but I worry about the loss of human contact and interaction in the process. Could this sort of interaction lead a depersonalization of our society? How much is being able to keep up on the daily activities of a friend or sweety really worth? Is there a difference between keeping up with a casual friend and keeping up with a family member or mate?

Things that make you go hmmm…

-the redhead-
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