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29 March 2004 @ 09:14 pm
I've still got it  
Stopped by the LYS this evening for the official word on my practice yarn. I hadn't spun for about a year, so I wanted to get the feel back before I started in on the good stuff in my stash. I did a few hundred yards of plain corriedale roving last week and then moved up to some nice sage green merino/silk blend roving.


Maggie pronounced the results 'much better than practice' and I got extra points for my plying *smile*

As a bonus I got the black merino with noil that I had ordered today. Yummy stuff! With 20 oz, I have enough to do several things with, tho some of it wants to be laceweight for a shawl. Maybe something with seed beads. I brought home a little sample of Zephyr Silk as an example to work off of.

-the redhead-