-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

More spinning

I received some lovely black merino with silk noil roving in the mail on Monday. Y'all know how it is - I couldn't wait to work with it, so last night I ripped off a little piece and asked it what it wanted to be. I was hoping for true laceweight, but the noil told me it wants to be fingering weight instead. Still light enough to be a shawl, which is what I wanted to begin with.

I am amazed at the visual and physical texture the noil gives to the yarn. It's gorgeous. Once again I ran over to the yarn store with my sample for a critique. Maggie said it's very nice and I should be very happy with it. And that my spinning is very regular. Maybe I will enter a skein of it at Estes.

The picture doesn't do justice to the colors - the merino is deep black and the noil is bright white.

-the redhead-
Tags: spinning
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