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When a paradigm shifts, everyone goes back to zero

It's often much more difficult to change something that already exists from one state to another than it is to end it or start something new. Often in life, however, the need to do such arises. As always, the goal is to do so gracefully and with a minimum of upset (not that it always happens that way, mind). It can be challenging to manage the realities and expectations inherent in the situation throughout the transition period so that one does not damage circumstances beyond redemption. The predicament becomes even more complex when it involves other people.

It's hard. Makes my head hurt. Makes my heart hurt. But it will be much better this way I think.

Acceptance is followed by change these days...

-the redhead-

Anomaly appears only against the background provided by the paradigm. The more precise and far-reaching that paradigm is, the more sensitive an indicator it provides of anomaly and hence of an occasion for paradigm change.
- Thomas Kuhn
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