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Went to the club

Went to the club and it was goodness *smile* Met with the personal trainer and ran thru all the circuit machines. As expected, lots of leg and back strength, little upper body strength. But there is hope, even if I did start out on almost the lowest weight for all of the upper body stuff.

I was bemoaning this on one of the machines and my trainer said 'Your pecs are very small muscles' - all I could do was laugh as I pushed my piddly 20 lbs around. The guy on the next machine just sort of goggled and snorted *laugh* I think the tank top and tights worked - must buy more.

So my plan is Pilates twice a week, circuit twice a week, some cardio, ab class *groan*, and Yoga twice a week. I think that should do it.

The club is great - they have *everything*, all sorts of classes, a hot tub and sauna in the locker rooms, and when you're done working out you can go to the snack bar and get a margarita.

It will only be a 4 mile bike ride to the club once I move into town - perfect as a warm up and cool down *smile*

Now, for a nice tub...

-the redhead-

Some times in life you crave those things that will only hurt you in the end...
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