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19 April 2004 @ 09:05 am
Victory for the weekend  
I got the used laptop I bought from work up and running. Tav was nice and threw in some extra RAM, so now I’m up to 256 Mb. The little machine seems happy enough, and I have yet to experience a hiccup with it. I got Windoze 2000 loaded, as well as teaching it to talk to the wireless card. McCaffee and ZoneAlarm are up and running, so now I can start the somewhat laborious process of transferring things from the one laptop to the other. My little USB memory stick is quite handy for moving things small enough to put on there (and was quite necessary to transfer the wireless card drivers), but it’s kind of a pain since I only have 1 USB port on either laptop. That wouldn’t be a problem except the newer machine has only the despised touchpad for navigation, which drives me *crazy*. I absolutely cannot use those things! So I’m stuck using (‘trying to use’ is more accurate) the touchpad when I’m using the memory stick, as my mouse is USB as well. I went to CompUSA to get a PS2 mouse on Sunday, but they were out of the 2 that I wanted and apparently don’t sell the adapters *sigh* There’s just no way I’m going to pay $49.95 for a mouse. I’ll probably just end up uploading everything from current laptop to my domain and then downloading it onto the new one. Seems a bit excessive, but I will work.

All in all the experience wasn’t too awful, it just requires time. I was able to figure out how to do everything on my own with a minimum of fuss, so I’m proud of myself. It will be nice to have a computer that doesn’t blow up every day *smile*

-the redhead-
...clueful enough to set up the laptop from scratch...