-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

An undertaking (or two)

Originally inspired by someone over in knitting I am going to start both TKGA's Master Knitting Certification and I just sent off to the HGA for the information on the Certificate of Excellence in Handspinning.

The COE examination for Handspinning will be given in the fall of 2005. That seems very far off until you consider all that needs to be submitted - along with the written work there are about 45 samples (1 - 2 oz each) and 7 swatches. So a year and a half sounds about right to get it done without a lot of pressure. If you go here you can see all of the work that one person put into the program.

The first level of the Master Knitting Program should only take a few months. It requires 16 samples, a report, and a test. Not anything tough or time consuming - really it should only take a matter of weeks. But because I want to use the stuff I spin for the COE for the swatches it will take longer.

One of the other gals involved created a community where those of us engaged in this craziness can ask questions, share frustrations, compare notes, and generally do these things in a group.


Everyone is welcome to watch our progress by reading the community, but please join the community only if you are undertaking one of the certifications.

-la belle rouge-
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