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12 May 2004 @ 09:30 pm
*drool* Bountiful sale  
Oooooh shiny pretty!! *And* on huge sale - $10 off per pound! Definitely Rocky Mountain Spring, Rocky Mountain Rainbow & Rain Forest (careful! Green fiber rule in effect - must check yarn stash level of green first). 2 lbs for a sweater? Need to check some patterns to see if I need more than that - might be 2.5 lbs/40 oz. Wild Mountain Plum - funky hat or scarf?? Must remember to check back in 2 weeks and see if they have any left when it might be affordable in budget. I can only hope. $75 seems like a lot but remember that it would provide many many hours of spinning. Must look at trade offs. Or maybe I could get an extra half pound to spin up for yarn to sell - might pay for the part that is just for me?