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11 February 2003 @ 09:19 am
Not sure what to think  
Not sure what to think about a lot of things these days...

- still no mail as of yesterday. Tim 'got too busy with meetings' yesterday to deal with the problem. No call from him and it's now almost 9:30. Should I call my attorney? Yanno if I had done this he would have been on me like white on rice and undoubtedly threatened to have me charged with something or another. And certainly on the phone with his attorney *long ago*. Nice to know I'm worth so little effort these days. What did he think - I was going to steal his mail?? Shred it? I'm tempted to take all his mail over to his attorney's office so that there can be no questions that he *will* get it *snort*

- got a call at 1am from Raphael from Paris. Seems nice enough, definitely an interesting person. But kept wanting to know what 'fantasies I had had about him? WTF?? Somehow this doesn't seem to be a 'getting to know you kinda convo'. Dunno what to think of this either.

- work. Found out some other people are leaving. Got a big meeting in a few minutes. Actually, I *do* know what to think of this.

- moving. How do I handle telling Tim about this and point out the divorce agreement so that he's not an ass about it?? See above for example of assness.

- Match.com. Getting responses. Not sure how to view them yet.

Lots of stuff I dunno what to think about *sigh* Not a good thing.

-the redhead-
Musings from the CZ unitcz_unit on February 11th, 2003 10:57 am (UTC)

As for the mail, it does suck. Talked about it last night; I'd get a PO box and redirect all my bills to it ASAP. Not worth the effort to be pissed at Tom.

As for the Paris call, tell him your fantasy: "I WANT MY MAIL!"

Work: Sounds not-good. Layoffs?

Moving: One option is to just have big friends move you out in a single shot. Bye, no questions, no comments.

Match.com that could be interesting; let me know what you find out there...

*warm hugs*