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Fucking Ex!!!

Still no mail. It's been a week and a half since he *claims* to have meant to only stop his mail.

Fucking ex says that I have to take time off work to a) call PO and b) go pick up mail which they may or may not release to me because *his* name is on the delivery ticket. Yeah, like I have time for that bullshit. We have an audit at work next week - I was there late this evening, and will be for the rest of the week. Post Awful closes at 6. It's almost 25 miles from work to the local PO. The math isn't that hard to do.

I've been trying to resolve this problem since *last Thursday*. Have called him every day to let him know that there is no mail and he needs to FIX THIS FUCKING MESS HE MADE.

When I first brought this up, he said that he realized this was a problem. He would take care of it. Then didn't do anything sensible like *overnight* the forms needed - no he just submitted them thru the PO - after being told it would take a 'day or two'.

No mail on Friday, I called. No mail on Saturday, I called. He said that he would call PO on Monday and fix problem. No mail on Monday, I called, he had gotten 'too busy with meetings' to bother. I yelled. He again said that he would take care of it.

Left me a message at work today that he had spoken with local PO people - mail would be delivered today. Got home at 8:30 pm to find no mail. Instead they leave a delivery notice with *his* name on it saying that mail can be picked up at PO or slip can be signed (by me??) and they will take a couple more days to deliver mail. I call and yell.

Now he's just being a passive aggressive ass. Saying that if I cannot make time to get to PO until Saturday then it's my own fault. That he 'has tried to solve the problem', but if I'm not willing to 'work with him' then it's *my* fault somehow that I don't get mail until Saturday. Two weeks without mail suddenly becomes my fault??

I am emailing my attorney. Of course, that only ends up costing *me* more $$$...

Is it ever okay to cry about this crap?

Damnit! Now I'm never going to get to sleep...

-the redhead-
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