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25 May 2004 @ 11:52 am
The journey begins - Certificate of Excellence (COE) in Handspinning  
Got my COE packet yesterday. Wow! This is going to entail some *serious* work on my part. As huaman said "a buttload of work!" *grin* I'm sure and glad that I have until next fall to get this all done – it will surely take that long.

40 sample skeins of 1 oz apiece plus 7 swatches – so basically 47 samples. Not to mention working at a specific requirement until I come up with a skein that soothes my inner perfectionist *grin* That's going to end up along the lines of 3 or 4 pounds of skeins and samples by the time all is said and done. Unfortunately this involves one of my least favorite things – setting singles. My spinning superpower (other than 70+ wpi stuff) is spinning and plying perfectly balanced yarn. I never have to weight or do funky things with my stuff, just toss it in some hot water and Eucalan for 15 minutes in the sink and then hang it over the towel bar to dry. Ah well, it will be good for me I suppose.

They allow you to ‘make a swatch or small finished piece’, so I can see myself making several things along the lines of scarves, socks, mittens, etc. as swatches get booooring after a while. Besides after I spend the effort to spin and talk about what that yarn would be appropriate for, might as well show that it’s appropriate, hmmm?

They cover the entire gamut when it comes to both fibers and equipment. The flax should be an interesting experience, and probably not one I would have chosen on my own. The other new thing I will have to learn is using a drop spindle! Oh look – another reason to buy more spinning equipment *grin* I will certainly be technically competent across the breadth of spinning possibilities by the time I’m done with this journey.

The written parts are fairly extensive as well. It will be good for me to review the mechanics sorts of things – usually I just sit down at the wheel and create without putting a ton of thought into it. I’ve discovered that allowing the fiber to let me know what it can or wants to be is invariably more successful than over analyzing a project to death. Tho sometimes the analytical scientist side of me and the creative side wrangle a bit *smile*

I appreciate that the handbook and materials were presented in a very professional format and very clearly presented – light years ahead of the TKGA stuff.

-the redhead-
…who get to go to Estes in just a few weeks!! I wonder how much fiber I could pack into the Subaru…