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I went to my LYS on Saturday to pick up some yarn for the Master Knitters program, having decided not to spin the yarn, and to talk to Maggie about the COE. There are 30 people who have earned the COE over the past 23 years, and I am really fortunate to have access to 2 of them here in town - Maggie & Kaye Collins. I learned to spin from Maggie, and she seems to be very supportive on my endeavor. I'll be taking classes from both of them this summer to.

Maggie shared some words of wisdom with me yesterday. First off, she told me that I have the talent and skill to do this, as well as most of the knowledge *smile* That's an important acknowledgment coming from her. She told me that she signed up 3 times, with the third time being a charm.

A year and a half should be more than enough time to fill in my knowledge gaps and make sure my written materials are comprehensive and complete.

She also shared some important ideas regarding the program:

- having a buddy will help a lot (it's you and me huaman!). We should really support each other, talk over the materials and questions, critique each other's work, and try to have fun.

- allow plenty of time. We've got that part covered with a year and a half to work on this.

- setting deadlines is important. She said lots of small, manageable deadlines as well as more significant ones. And not to forget the program deadlines for the various paperwork.

- she told me that as my skill increases I *will* want to respin my initial sample skeins, so to plan on it. I think between that, practicing for my submission skeins, and the required swatches I should get 8 ounces (at least!) of each fiber.

- start with the wool samples because those are the easiest.

- plan to finish everything well ahead of time - that allows time to respin and just generally fuss. Gotta allow time to panic ;)

I think that entering skeins in competitions will help in several ways. It will get me critiques of my work from neutral third parties (feedback is good!), will get me used to putting my work up for criticism, and will help me get used to spinning to specification. I will have at least 3 ready to go for Estes.

Time to get back to my cobweb - I've gotten down to ~75-80 wpi.

-the redhead-
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