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03 June 2004 @ 11:37 pm
I am victorious!  
It only took 3 tries and 2 hours, but I managed to *finally* uninstall Symantec AntiVirus completely from my wonderful new laptop (just so that I could turn around and reinstall it). This involved a seriously detailed, manual modification of my registry files in order to root out every speck of the program, for otherwise it just kept reinstalling with the same settings (twice) which is *not* what I wanted.

I find it more than annoying that the Symantec products do not come with an uninstaller option. In fact, not only does the product not come with an uninstaller but when you go to Add/Remove Programs and try to uninstall it there it requires a *password*, which is not to be found anywhere in the documentation. So that was some more time wasted tracking down the password so I could try to uninstall it (the first time).

To further enhance the pleasure of my evening, I discovered that the programs leaves bits and pieces (lots of them) behind in the registry therefor making reinstallation with new settings nigh on impossible. They actually have multiple sets of directions in their knowledgebase on how to completely manually remove their product from your computer. Not that those are anything more than guidelines, as was demonstrated to me when I tried to remove the program again (the second and third times) using their 'instructions'.

In the end it was just native intelligence and a bit of perseverance that got the job done.

But all is well - with that protection in place now I can download other programs onto my spiffy new box.

-the somewhat geeky redhead-

***Caution. Registry edits performed by (semi) Professional Geek on closed course. Do not attempt these maneuvers at home.***
Thomas Jacksontjackson on June 5th, 2004 12:46 pm (UTC)
just dropping in from component_help....

i'd recommend norton system works professional 2004, there's a lovely release floating around in warez lands.

but you're not alone, I too have had to go through and regitry hack everything to bits, ugh.