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12 June 2004 @ 08:54 pm
Estes - the loot  
The final results are in:

Fleece - 24 lbs:
- Grand Champion White Fleece from Clyde Vair (Corrie/Polypay lamb #315) - 4 lbs
- First Place Adult Colored Fleece & Spinner's Choice winner from Sheepfeathers Farm (brown moorit CVMx 'Deltha') (1/2 of fleece) - 3 lbs
- Lt. grey Corrie/Polypay from Clyde V (#912) - 3 lbs
- Grey (mostly)/white varigated Corrie/CVM/Polypay lamb from Clyde V (#304) - 4 lbs
- Silver Rambouillet/CVM from Black Pines Sheep ('Ginger') - 4.5 lbs
- Oatmeal Cotswald/CVM from Black Pines Sheep ('Brownie')(1/2 of fleece) - 2.5 lbs
- White Cotswald/CVM from Black Pines Sheep (1/2 of fleece) - 3 lbs

4.5 lbs Alpine Meadows fibers from Bountiful
8 oz hemp
1 lb dyed mohir locks
2 oz 80% llama/20% Tussah
4 oz blue cotton
8 oz pima cotton
1 oz hand dyed Bombyx
2 oz fawn alpaca (class)
6 oz white alpaca (class)
2 oz angora (class)
8 oz various other fibers (class)
2 pitch combs & table clamp
copy of Susan McFarland's Combing book (used)
Bountiful Rose 1.6 oz Greensleeves top whorl spindle

But I didn't buy either a Patrick Green carder or an alpaca...

-the redhead-
...one tired puppy...
Tealteal_cuttlefish on June 13th, 2004 10:23 am (UTC)
My mom was in Estes this last week for some kind of quilting intensive. What was going on there for you? Other than it was obviously fiber related, I just don't know what it was and it sound interesting enough to watch for next year...