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Imnportant points

- doing what people tell you to do or responding in a manner that takes what people have told you in the past does or does not work for them into account isn't necessarily the right thing to do. Sometimes it is exactly the worst thing to do. Believing and/or giving them what they say they want, what they want you to do, and what you agree upon is a reasonable viewpoint or approach to something is often completely wrong. But you are just supposed to automatically *know* when to take what path. Being trapped between bases is no excuse - you're just supposed to know. And as we know asking every time to make sure you should be headed to third instead of second is extremely annoying to other parties becuase you are just supposed to know.

- just because you say something is important doesn't meant that other people will think so, or even that they will hear the 'important' part. If something is important, then one should make a big deal every time so that it's extremely clear. Of course, one must keep in mind that may not be what someone wants either, and that they may be offended at the repeated emphasis.

- expressing one's anger, upset, or disagreement is absolutely verboten, even if someone has told you they want you to share. Everything must be *wonderful* at all times because no one is ever wrong or ever screws up but yourself - so just start sucking it up and be gracious and perfect and completely understanding and accomodating at all times.

- having standards and boundries and expectations is also verboten - those are only for other people. You must not stand up for yourself and what you need for fear that others will take offense, think that you are being unreasonable, that it might interfere with the way they do things, and get angry about it. Practice the doormat pose, as it will serve ypou well in life.

- don't plan haead - things just get fucked up and it's a waste of large amounts of $$$.

- they don't care, not really.

- you are supposed to assume some things, but not other things. Figure it out.

-the redhead-
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