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How's this?


-the redhead-

edit -

Thanks everyone *smile*

Actually I think that being a graphic artist would be a lot of fun, as I enjoy doing things like this, but I don't have the official training for it or in using the 'real' graphics programs.

I just threw this together in about 20 minutes last night in my little baby graphics editor. I was trying very hard not to be 'cute' (as I am not a cutesy kind of person), but was still trying to keep in mind my target audience and have some yarn related thing in there.

I also think that in order to have this just right the kerning between the S and the T, and then the spacing between the yarnball O and the NE needs to be tweaked. Also less space between the Y and the A. Does any of that make sense?

I've also discovered that while it looks fine on my screen, it unfortunately prints out badly - these are all the technical type things that I don't have a huge handle on fixing.

-the redhead-
Tags: yarn
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