January 28th, 2004


Baby Baby Baby Baby

Shawn came by today and brought baby Jenna with her. Jenna is 1 week old today, and is of course the cutest baby ever (as is every baby). She has a thick head of hair, tiny tiny hands and feet, and an adorable smile.

For 10 whole minutes she was all mine *grin* We cooed and streeeeetched and then she fell asleep in my arms.

*smile* Makes the day perfect, yanno?

-the redhead-
...all smooshy now...

Too much

A baby moment followed by a horse moment is just too much. Good thing I don't have anything that requires a great deal of brainpower scheduled for this afternoon.

Tack stores trip on Saturday - try on breeches & chaps, find out where I can get a zipper put up the back of my customs.

-the redhead-