February 23rd, 2004



-the redhead-: but I was still polite about it *rolls eyes*
cool girl: why. raise a stink its more fun
cool girl: and youd feel better
-the redhead-: eh - why waste the effort when I wasn't worth any?
cool girl: to make him realize how worthwhile you really are. i dont know. im just used to raising a stink with guys, but ive never been told i wasnt worth the effort. i have been told i was entirely too much trouble. which i am.
cool girl: why did he think you werent worth the time, thats pretty ridiculous
-the redhead-: there is no way to 'make' anyone realize how 'worthwhile' I am - it's subjective and in the eye of the beholder
cool girl: its silly any way. everyone is worth something to someone
-the redhead-: no, not always

-the redhead-
...retreats to the cave...

More of the same

In keeping with the theme of the day, I decided to call IBM and try once more to return the part I had been trying to return for about 6 weeks now. Once again I got the big run around. I finally ended up with someone's supervisor's manager, to whom I explained the whole scenario with not being able to return this part for which they were trying to bill me, not getting credit for the part that had been returned in December, etc. I told her that I wanted this all taken care of by tomorrow, which it will be.

Of course, I was fucking polite and civilized about this whole thing too...

But at least I was able to help Mel out a little today. I suppose that should make up for all of the other crap.

-the redhead-