February 13th, 2006


Good interview to start the week

Had a great interview today. Drove to Golden (stuck my tongue out at Coors ;) ) and went in expecting the standard 1 hour type interview, after having spend an hour on the phone with the HR Director last week. I ended up interviewing for 2.5 hours, and 3 other people got pulled in along the way - the founder, the COO, and the CEO. I think I have a lot to offer them, and they are presenting a nice opportunity. They are basically looking for someone to completely set up a service agreement aspect for their thriving business - there's a lot of revenue to be made there. I could help them 'print money' ;) It felt kind of weird to talk so strongly about myself and my skills, but blow my own horn I did. At the end of the time *they* brought up availability and $$ and such, and said they would be in touch with me very soon. I can see they were impressed with my capabilities and entrepreneurial spirit, as well as my drive towards excellence. I already spoke with or left messages for all of my references, and am hoping the company calls them. I would have no problem building this new aspect of their company for them, and could bring a great deal of revenue in the door. In turn, it would be an opportunity to build my own corner of the kingdom as I please. So now I'm busy crossing my fingers.

-the redhead-