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Home today

The tally from my Dr's apt. yesterday was not pleasing:

- have lost ~5 lbs, but BMI is 23. Should be more and lower considering summer powerwalking. New info in this arena discovered later in apt.

- got a tetnus shot. No big deal, but arm is sore.

- bloodwork is messed up. Need to drink more water, as it shows in my bloodwork. Blood like sludge is not a good thing.

- slightly anemic. Keep taking vitamins, this may get better when other things are fixed.

- cholesterol is high. New info in this arena discovered later in apt. Also family history of very high cholesterol per Mom. Her total cholesterol is 250 *with* medication, so I guess I shouldn't be too excited that mine is about the same without meds. Got usual lecture on being more relaxed from Dr. Too much stress. Rest, relaxation, recreation. Don't worry so much. Let people do nice things for you. Stop driving so hard. Make time for yourself. Be happier. Take yoga. *shrug* If life changes, if new job happens, if $$ falls from the sky, then stress will go down. Until then it's only me having to stand on my own two feet.

- have an ear infection - bleh. Explains the dizzies.

- new diagnosis is that I'm hypothyroid. Oh goodie, pills for the rest of my life. But may be an explination for lack of weight loss, weird bloodwork, high cholesterol, tiredness, low libido, yadda. Could then low-but-functional thyroid levels have contributed to not getting pregnant years ago? Must ask this question.

So I decided to stay home today. Not feeling well between all these things and new thyroid medication. Of course my period started today too...

-the redhead-
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