-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Days gone by

A post from a community:

Well K, when I had the luxury of a family and a pack I had my moments of happy, grimy exhaustion too :)

This on I affectionately call Sheep Jam (my assistant Ani was 5 months old):


In this one in the winter (not very snowy but pretty cold and windy that day) my little pup Boca was only 16 weeks:


Here's my young guy Dante at only 10 months old doing a great job - we took 3rd place that day (beating over a dozen older and more experienced dogs at our very first trial) and was the 2nd youngest GSD on record to get an AKC HS leg - by just a few days of age.


*sigh* I miss my wuppers... *frown*

-the redhead-
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