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The results are in

I stopped by the county fair on my way home to check up on my skeins. I entered 6 skeins, and got ribbons for 5 of them. I scribbled down some info on the back of a crumpled up bank receipt so I could share, as they don't release the skeing until tomorrow evening:

1st place Fine Plyed Wool - score of 89.5 Doesn't really count as mine was the only entry in the class. Also this was a skein I had thrown in to boost the entry, as I hadn't had time to spin up something specifically for this category.

1st place 100% Angora - score 93 This is a good score for me in this category considering how much I dislike working with straight angora - slippery, short-stapled, has absolutely *no* elasticity (so you basically end up with very pretty, fluffy string), and it ends up *everywhere*. I'll have to get a picture of it next week - I had some very nice chestnut angora. Well, at least I have a COE skein out of the deal.

1st place Novelty Yarn! - score 96.5 This was one of my black and gold beaded skeins, so I'm very pleased that it did so well. I guess I'm on the right track with the beaded stuff. I was even lame and put a newsflash on my eBay auction *grin*

2nd place Medium Plyed Wool - score 94 I disagree with the scoring in this class (and the Alpaca class that I didn't have an entry in), as do others. My skein was much more consistent and even throughout - same sort of scenario in the Alpaca class. None of us could quite figure out what the deal was.

2nd place 100% Mohair - score 97 Kind of interesting that my highest scoring skein got second, but the 1st place skein, with a score of 99, was very nice, very even, very consistant - just an overall tremendous skein.

I also entered an experiment from over the weekend that didn't really fit in the 50%wool/50% other category (as the class called for plied and what I entered was singles) so I wasn't expecting it to do anything. The yarn was pretty rough and ready actually, but it's very eyecatching and appealing in a 'this isn't your standard stuff' kind of way. I'll post a pic of it next week too.

I should be spinning tonight, but I'm totally exhausted after the usual, hectic, last day of the quarter nonsense today. But my partner and I pulled in $170k by noon, so we made the 115% of our target goal by the 12 pm deadline *smile*

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