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13 December 2002 @ 08:01 am
Well, I was right...  
2 cracked ribs.


This is really going to mess with my ability to do that construction stuff on the side, as I've been 'advised' to not do any heavy lifting or stretching type things for 6 weeks. This is not good in terms of the plan...


-the redhead-

That's what learning is, after all; not whether we lose the game, but how we lose and how we've changed because of it and what we take away from it that we never had before, to apply to other games. Losing, in a curious way, is winning. - Richard Bach
= Faith = Trust =amberfox on December 13th, 2002 07:14 am (UTC)
Ouch. =(
Musings from the CZ unitcz_unit on December 13th, 2002 12:20 pm (UTC)
I am really sorry to hear that. Do take it easy for awhile.

Construction? Hm. What do you do?

-the redhead-theredhead on December 13th, 2002 01:13 pm (UTC)
In 'real' life I'm a Regional Sales Administrator (basically, I do all of the quotes and a lot of hand-holding) for a division of Medtronic. Not even close to my training as an environmental scientist, but hey I don't have to do alpine work in the winter either...

The construction stuff is just extra to make a few more pennies...
-the redhead-theredhead on December 13th, 2002 01:13 pm (UTC)
PS - thanks :)

-the redhead-
Ko'Shall Viperkoshall on December 14th, 2002 07:18 pm (UTC)

*hugs tenderly*