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The need for faith?

What is the basic difference between people who have religion and those who don't? Are some driven by a need to have faith, a need to believe in a higher power that holds the ultimate authority?

Personal responsibility versus predestination? When watching the Olympic coverage there was a sharp delineation between those athletes who ascribed their successes or failures to a god ('It wasn't God's will that I win this race' or 'My victory was due to God') and those who talked about things in terms of themselves ('There's no one to blame for my failure but myself. I just didn't come through.')

What benefit is there to 'it's (insert name of god(dess) here)'s will'?

Does any god really favor one team over another? One country over another?

I have never 'needed' to have religion. I was raised a good Roman Catholic schoolgirl, complete with penguins, plaid uniform skirts, and mass every day, so I'm more than passingly familiar with seriously organized religion and the crucial place that it holds in some people's lives. Mom also made sure that we were exposed to a variety of other religions on a regular basis so that we would have a better understanding of others. But I have never experienced the overwhelming *need* to have faith, there is no religion-sized hole for me to fill.

So what's the *real* point of faith and religion for an individual. Where does that internal need come from?

Random thoughts I had while trying to fall asleep last night.

-the redhead-
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