-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

Had a conversation

- made sure to very strongly focus on what the other person thinks and feels, what they think causes situations to not work for them and why, and what makes them uncomfortable.

- used active listening techniques to try to ensure that I was understanding exactly what they mean, asked clarifying questions, admitted when I was confused immediately, and repeated many things back to show that I was listening to their ideas and concerns.

- focused on discussing solutions that would make them feel more comfortable.

- did not raise my voice at all and did not allow myself to become emotional.

- avoided interjecting my thoughts and feelings as much as possible - unless directly asked or unless it was required of the particular point or as clarification.

- suggested several ideas that might make them feel more comfortable with situations in the future.

- offered immediate compromise when my suggestions appeared to be out of line with their ideas, feelings, or limitations.

- made time for them on the spur of the moment for them when they called unexpectedly tonight even though I had other social plans for the evening.

Did the same thing yesterday. Called today specifically and solely to let them know that I had heard the things they said yesterday, reiterated what some of them were (and got confirmation), and let them know I was thinking about what they had said seriously.
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