-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

more follow up

Called again this morning to specifically and solely to let them know that I had heard the things they said last night, reiterated what some of them were (and got confirmation again), let them know I was thinking about what they had said seriously, and emphasize that their comfort is *very* important. Scheduled speaking for an hour a week that fits into their schedule and therefore should not present any hardships on their part. Also incorporated another thing they brought up last night about things that get dropped, and therefore inquired about them providing a list of sorts of the their concerns and thoughts that were not fully discussed over that last few days to ensure that I didn't forget to address any of them on Sunday evening. Finally made sure to say thank you for the unexpected call they made and acknowledge that it was an unplanned use of their valuable time.
Tags: chris
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