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08 September 2004 @ 09:55 am
Clarification #1

Thank you for responding to my inquiry.

I do think that the other questions I asked are very important as regards to the costs and benefits to you and what will make you feel perfectly comfortable with the situation/trip. I do think that it's vital that your comfort is addressed fully, and asked those questions so that I may consider whether I will be able to provide everything you need in order to make it a worthwhile experience for you, and not have it be negative in any way.

Your thoughts and feelings and concerns are very important regarding both any relationship we may have, as well as the specific situation in question, and I am doing my very best to listen to them very carefully and address them completely and to your satisfaction. As such I do not want to leave any appropriate considerations or discussion out. I do not under any circumstances, or in any way, wish you to feel that you are not being listened to or that your concerns are not being acted on in an appropriate manner.

Thank you.

>Yes, I do want to see you. I do miss you and I do
>want to see you.
>I believe that you want to see me too. Very much.
>Very very much.
>There is an interesting fare special flying out of
>DCA instead of BWI.
>I could come out Thursday or Friday. Which would be
>better for you, and
>how would you like to handle it?

Clarification #2

What I've been trying to say and express, undoubtedly very badly over the past few days, and what I want you to understand is that your thought, feelings, concerns, and comfort are a serious priority. I am trying very hard to listen to and address all of them.