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08 September 2004 @ 04:40 pm
Nothing works - am I that much of an idiot?  
So I tried calling to admit (again!) that I was not communicating well and ask for 'a brief moment where maybe you could think of suggestions for a different way for me to communicate with you, a better way to say things'. I figured maybe there was yet another way I could ask/talk.

That went down hill too. No matter *what* I say or type or do it's just not right, just not good enough. It's all WRONG Everything makes that person upset, even when I'm trying to focus on *their* needs and concerns. Apparently just trying to ask about those is wrong - how could I *ever* say a word about what I think and feel if this is the reaction I get whenever I open my mouth?

Does absolutely *nothing* I say make sense anymore? If that's the case I want my money back from Yale.

-the redhead-