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Trying to explain

Tried to explain about being alone, having to be completely independent and self sufficient *all* the time, and not being a truly significant concern in anyone else's life last night. Not having a support system of any sort - no one to share with, no safety net. How that's far different and harder in many, many ways than being a part of a family. In return, they explained to me about having a family.

It wasn't a very fruitful conversation. Not that it wasn't pleasant, interesting, informative, and fun 'chatting' with a friend about a topic that has some meat to it. They did agree that I understand having a family and the associated obligations - between my own past relationship and that decade I took care of Dad and then Mom (and baby brother - put him through school) when Dad was so sick, dying, and after he passed I have a real strong grip on that whole situation. Of course, as in any good conversation, I also gained new insight - always a good thing.

I don't know, however, if it's possible to explain to someone who hasn't been alone more recently than 5 years ago or so that it's not all fun and games and do whatever you want when you want. That while there are obligations inherent in having a family and time is a precious resource there, there's also daily love and support. Frankly, time is a precious resource to *everyone*, and I certainly don't have enough hours in my day to get everything I want done. I really should try to get to bed before midnight...

We are going to try to speak about this and some other topics on the phone tonight - maybe it will be easier live than via text.

-the redhead-

*edited for clarity*
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