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State of the Union (well, at least for the day)

It's a four Band-Aid day today. I was using the spiffy drum carder over the weekend to prepare some fiber for skeins to enter in the upcoming Taos Wool Festival Handspun Skein competition (one of the big three of the year, the others being Maryland Sheep & Wool and the Blacksheep Gathering in Oregon) and managed to chew my left fingers and hand up pretty well. It's not that I don't *know* the drum carder is dangerous and oh so sharp, but rather lack of strict attention at all times. But I didn't bleed on the fiber, so it's all good. That blood remover stuff from the grocery store is really good at taking blood out of the cream colored carpet *smile*

I feel fairly brave entering skeins as this is a 'big' show for this particular artistic endeavor, and really don't expect to get any ribbons. The valuable part is getting the judge's comments - professional opinions are a good thing. It's really nice that they have the regular classes and then an entire division for novelty yarns which is not judged on technique and such, but rather on 'artistic merit'. I'm going to send down a couple of beaded skeins for that division. I hope to send down 10 skeins total, including the spiffy knotted skein I plied up last night. Unfortunately since the fiber must be from CO, NM, or TX I cannot enter some of the skeins I like the most. I should take pics of all of the skeins I'm entering this week sometime.

The yarn selling thing is not going well at all. I will give it through next month to see if it picks up, but if not I will need to devote my time to more productive pursuits or look for a part-time job for the weekends or something along those lines.

Had an interesting conversation with someone this morning regarding the US' 'do as we say, not as we do' attitude. Kyoto and the International War Crimes Tribunal are but a couple of examples of this attitude of the US that as the international 'leader' we should not be subject to the same rules and everyone else. Sort of like Congress, eh? Trade protections and subsidies is another area where we more than occasionally come off badly. We as a nation will complain about steel dumping, protectionist trade policies by other countries, and the like, but we subsidize and/or protect many industries that export to other nations. Sometimes we sound like the popular clique at high school...

Having the weekend off makes my neck feel ever so much better, but I can already feel the problems coming on. I really hope they will be able to help me tomorrow in therapy. I also hope that my new office stuff comes this week as I think a proper chair and keyboard tray will help a great deal.

Not much exciting coming up now that my car is done. Need to straighten up a bit and get everything ready to send down to Taos. Must talk to Mom about coming east for the holidays. I'm not really looking forward to discussing the fact that I'm not coming for an entire week. I can't blame her for trying, but the limit is 3 days. Still have to figure out what, if anything, I'm going to do for Thanksgiving.

-the redhead-
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