-the redhead- (theredhead) wrote,
-the redhead-

When it rains it pours...

My day:

- rec'd email from Amazon 10 days after my order stating they will not be getting any XM Satellite car radio kit thingies in that I had ordered as birthday present for Chris. Order cancelled by Amazon.

- Ruth picked up burritos on her way to work. <--- good thing for the day.

- drama by the self-proclaimed princesses in department at work.

- forced to show up a member of the field staff because they have not listened to a thing I've said for 2 weeks and are now trying to imply to higher ups problems are my fault. Said rep now not happy, feels the need to explain their unhappiness - loudly and at length.

- have to go to store to spend $40 more than Amazon for said birthday gift.

- on way to store must swerve to avoid stupid, pathetic driver. Hit curb. 5 day old tire blows out. Other person in expensive soccer mom car is completely oblivious and drives off. There is no one to call for help. Spend 20 minutes kneeling on wet ground in 40 degree, pouring rain trying to change tire. Finally give up on trying to get brand-newly-tightened -with-the-power-torque -wrench lug nuts off and call boss to send one of the guys over to help me. Don't feel so bad after Steve has to make several efforts to get lug nuts loose and almost lifts car off ground in process. Blown tire not covered under any warranty, must buy new one and have it mounted. Get back to work soaked, muddy, and freezing. May have ruined my pants.

- don't get to have any lunch.

- 1st PT appointment today. Painful, as PT always is. People at work who think I was going to get a 'nice massage' are sadly mistaken.

- come home to find that futon people have sent wrong mattress – after it took me 5 mins to get big, heavy box into house.

- get notices that nothing sold on eBay.

I'm going to bed now.
Tags: musings
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