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10 October 2004 @ 05:04 pm
Some rules of consulting  
1. It is all Billable.
2. People value what they pay for, the more they pay the more they value it.
3. You have the obligation to tell a client you feel a solution is wrong, once.
4. Never anger or upset the administrative staff.
5. Produce some work object in your first week on site.
6. Being eccentric magnifies your competence or failings
7. Professional success is measured by the success of your clients
8. Nobody ever hires a consultant when things are going well.
9. No matter how bad (or good) it is it will be different in six months.
10. The client always thinks that what they do is unique.
11. No project is immune to scope creep.
12. Generally, you are safe from client office politics for the first six months on site.
13. Your job is to provide objective service.
14. Whatever standards were in place on your last project, the new project has different standards.
15. On any project, the rules of system development will be ignored.
16. Never pass up a free meal.